Customer Support
Thank you for visiting the Moose-Tech Software online customer support site. There is free self-serve support for software products. There is also personalized email support for paid products.

Self-Serve Support
Many times, you can fix common product issues on your own using the self-serve solutions. The self-serve solutions are organized by product so you can quickly view the most relevant list of issues.

You can also use the search page to find solutions for product issues.

Email Support
Use the contact page to receive personalized email support for paid products. It is the goal to provide at least an initial response within one business day. More complex issues may require several email exchanges for resolution.

Email support is strictly for paying customers only. There is no email support for free, evaluation, or lite products.

Chat Support
The online chat has been discontinued.

Phone Support
There is no phone support.

Priority Support
Download failures after payment will receive priority support.