Tips On Reporting Issues

SCOPE    -    General
TYPE    -    information document

When reporting issues, provide specific details of the situation. For example, "an error occurred" is not sufficient information for determining the cause or solution.

Tips on effective reporting of download issues....
  • is this really a download issue, or an installation error
  • did the download link appear after successful payment
  • did clicking the download link cause an error
  • did you just forget to click the download link after payment

Tips on effective reporting of errors....
  • what is the specific error received
  • what are the steps that produced the error
  • can the error be duplicated
  • did the program work previously
  • what is the version of the program
  • is it the paid or evaluation copy
  • what is the operating system
  • details, details, details, details

Tips on effective reporting of enhancements....
  • is this a change or new feature
  • what is the purpose of the feature
  • how critical is the feature
  • is there a workaround without the feature

Remember, the more information on the issue, the quicker the solution.

Please use the contact form when reporting issues.

Should you receive no response within one business day, you may want to resend the issue, in the event that email filters got your initial message.
Page Updated: February 17, 2013