Security Notice Warning

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You may receive the following warning message during startup...
     "Security Notice - It is not possible to determine that this content came from a trustworthy source"

When you dismiss the warning, everything runs fine. This is because the dialog is a warning, not an error. Default security preferences are typically set to warn you when certain types of files are opened, until you specify they are trusted. You can eliminate the warning by specifying that the program is trusted.

You can specify the program is from a trusted source by indicating that its location is safe. Files opened from trusted locations will not display a warning.

To specify a trusted source, edit the registry, as follows...
  • from the START MENU select RUN
  • enter REGEDIT and click OK
  • select the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Access\Security\Trusted Locations
  • right-click on "Trusted Locations", select NEW-KEY
  • enter "Location1" (or whatever the next number is)
  • right-click on "Location1", select NEW-STRING
  • enter "Path"
  • right-click on "Path", select MODIFY
  • enter the install location:
          - for example, "C:\Program Files\SDTM\"
  • close REGEDIT

The next time you run the program, the security warning should not appear.

With the full version of Microsoft Access - instead of the runtime - you can add trusted locations without editing the registry...
      Trusted Locations - Office Button | Access Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings

Search the Office support files for the specific details.
Page Updated: February 17, 2013