Missing Buttons On Dialog

SCOPE    -    all products
TYPE    -    issue document

Some dialogs may appear to be cutoff on the bottom or the right side. When command buttons appear in these missing sections, there is no way to access certain features. When the [Ok] and [Cancel] buttons are missing, there is no way to close the dialog, and it is necessary to force crash the application.

This issue occurs when the system setting for DPI (dots per inch) is unusually high. The default setting is normally 96, so anything over 110 might cause uncertain results. Typically, the only reason to increase the DPI is to make it easier for persons with poor vision to see the screen. It is generally better to lower the screen resolution to make things larger, because DPI adjustments have the potential for distortions.

The issue occurs more frequently with fixed size dialogs and popup dialogs. Windows you can resize or scroll are less likely to be impacted.

Changing the DPI or experimenting on different settings is a real pain, because it is necessary to reboot. If you don't like the new setting, you have to reboot in order to change it back. To view or change the DPI from Vista, right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. Then select the option to adjust the DPI setting. Refer to the Windows help file for other operating systems.

The screen resolution can be changed on the fly, with no reboot.

The DPI is a system setting, and has the potential to impact all programs. Some programs are more likely candidates for distortions based on the layout of commands and the style of the dialog. Increasing the DPI involves a trade-off that each user decides.
Page Updated: February 17, 2013