Cannot Change Default Directory

TYPE    -    issue document

You may receive the following error message during startup...
     "cannot change default working directory"

When you dismiss the default working directory error, everything runs fine. When you close the program and launch it again, the error message may no longer appear. Although the error message will not impact the operation of the program, you can eliminate the error, should it persist.

The program runs using the database engine within the Microsoft Access platform. When the default database directory location is invalid, the working directory error appears during startup. The program will try repairing the error, using the current directory. Try closing down the program and running it again. In some situations, the error will be resolved, and no further action is required.

In the event the error does not resolve on its own, you can manually set the default directory location. The specific steps to set the default directory location depend on whether you have the full or runtime version of Microsoft Access installed.

Microsoft Access FULL version steps to manually set the default directory location...
  • run Microsoft Access full version
  • select TOOLS-OPTIONS
  • select GENERAL
  • enter DEFAULT DATABASE FOLDER which exists

Microsoft Access RUNTIME version steps to manually set the default directory location...
  • from the START menu, select RUN
  • enter REGEDIT, click OK
  • locate key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Access\Settings]
  • modify string value for "Default Database Directory" with valid location
Page Updated: February 17, 2013